SSHE.I.P An Exclusive Membership Community 

A community and lifestyle blueprint for women to learn how to UNstress their bodies, work in flow with their female hormones and unlock their weight loss and energy gain results without doing more. 


You're Not Seeing The Results That You Want

As a woman, you are already balancing ALL THE THINGS and your life is full...sometimes too full with no end in sight. You want to prioritize your health and feel good in your body, but nothing seems to stick with your schedule or what you have been doing is no longer working for fact you might even be feeling like you are going backwards in your results. Your lack of success in this area leaves you feeling disappointed in yourself.   



Your Health, Energy And Weight Loss Seems To Be Slipping Away From You

You're not certain when it started happening, but something just hasn't been feeling right for a while. Brain fog, fatigue, night wakings, skin struggles, cravings, mood swings, digestive discomfort, a thickening around your waistline that you can't seem to get rid of, and now irregular periods have you wondering if this is what aging feels like. 



You're Not Quite Ready To Wave Your White Flag

You know that to feel your best - and BE your best for others -  you have to take care of yourself. You have goals and dreams to go after and life to live and you don't want this feeling of being out of control in your body to consume any more of your time. Learning to unstress your body, balance your hormones and work in flow with your female energy is the key to getting back to feeling like YOU again. If you are ready to master your health foundations, balance your hormones and learn to get more results by doing less, this exclusive community is a perfect next step for you. 

"So I just have to thank you...I have been listening to my body since December...Resting when I need to and going hard when I am good to...I have been so much more in control of my eating...I started tracking my weight Jan 1st and I'm down 8.2lbs!" K.S.

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Nutrition Support

Family friendly recipes, meal plans, check lists and food guides that help you to unstress your body. 


Fitness Support

Schedules and guidelines for how to optimize your workouts for optimal energy so you aren't going backwards in your results by stressing your body out more.

Monthly Planner

Track your efforts easily to truly understand how to harness your female hormones and energy, and to level up your results. 


"I have been tracking all sorts of different aspects of my life for quite a few years now, but I never really knew how it all interacted together. Thanks to you introducing me to the 4 pillars and the infradian rhythm all of my symptoms are making a lot more sense and I am well on my way to balancing my hormones and working WITH my body instead of AGAINST it."


"I love to learn and learning about my cycle has been so empowering. I used to feel pretty helpless with my mood shifts, my PMS symptoms and how I spent my days would be so different week to week...thinking this. must meant something is "wrong" with me. After just a couple of weeks of learning from you Bria I feel like I have a plan, I have support and I have the tools to I need to feel more grounded in every phase." 

Masterclass Training

Get access to exclusive training including time for Q&A on Bi-Monthly Masterclasses.




Balance Your SSHE Blueprint

This is the Overwhelmed Women's Guide to UNSTRESS your body for new member’s that contains everything you need to know about how to start moving towards living in a stress free body. 

24/7 Support Group

Connect with and learn from a community of women going through this journey too! Ask questions and get advice. I am in there every day too! 



No More Guesswork!

Everything you need to learn when it comes to UNstressing your body, mastering your health foundations and balancing your hormones so you never feel stuck or overwhelmed in your health again.  

Becoming a SSHE.I.P member makes decoding your body's stress symptoms easy. You get straight forward resources such as live video lessons and trackers that guide your journey.

You're not alone in this anymore. You can stop asking yourself "Why isn't this working!?" and start saying "I FEEL LIKE ME AGAIN."


Who is The Exclusive SSHE.I.P Membership For?

It's for you if....

  • You want to stop feeling stuck in your body
  • You want to have consistent energy to achieve your goals each day 
  • You want to end PMS, moodiness and period problems 
  • You want to have a healthy relationship with exercise
  • You're looking to live your most energized and healthy life
  • You want to stop feeling overwhelmed and depleted
  • You want to get better results in your body without doing more





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"I have learned so much through the SSHE. So happy to be a part of it."

- Erin G.


"I had NO idea why I was stuck...and this method makes so much sense, it feels like freedom."

- Laura S.