I had always been a serial quitter...

..and it was 100% why I kept failing on my fitness and nutrition goals. Until one day I FINALLY learned how to break my quitting cycle and suddenly I  started to get the results in my body I had always wanted. 

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In this 5 Day Detox You Will

  • Break your quitting cycle so you never quit on your goals again.
  • Learn how to overcome overwhelm, FOMO and frustration when it comes to your nutrition and fitness goals.
  • Master your will power so you stop losing your motivation.
  • Get ready for your last "DAY 1" EVER.

Crush your goals, but QUIT first.

You want to change your body...I get it. However, the thing about investing time and money into a nutrition or fitness program, is that they are ALL created with one KEY expectation...which is THIS: In order to get results, you have to FINISH the program. But what if you are a serial quitter?  Before you invest any more time and money, you have to FIRST break your quitting cycle.  

Detox Now

No More Starting OVER.


Over the years of working with thousands of women on their goals and habits, I saw again and again in them, the same struggle I once had to overcome in myself.

Which is this…Before you can ever master health and fitness and life goals, you have to learn to break your quitting cycle. It’s this cycle where we KNOW we want to change and we decide to start that process, but somewhere between starting and when the change occurs (and even sometimes after the change occurs) something happens and we quit on ourselves...Maybe you have tried to create a healthy workout routine, nutrition plan, achieve weight loss goals.....unfortunately, all of the amazing programs out there are created under the assumption that YOU WILL DO THEM. But what if you are a quitter? Are you just wasting your time, energy and money? YES. YES YOU ARE. UNTIL you learn to quit quitting, none of it is ever going to work for you.

Personally I struggled with quitting for a long time, I couldn’t understand why sometimes I would quit and sometimes I wouldn’t, what I did know was that I would get really excited about something, or feel desperate to change something and then go ALL in and lose that motivation somewhere, lose my commitment.

Or I would suddenly feel like I was doing the wrong thing, or missing out on a better path, or life got in the way…I also knew that EACH time I quit on myself…it did more damage than if I had never started, my self confidence took a major hit and  I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t follow through….until I DID.

I learned how to take a break to understand how my mind was working... and the result was breaking the cycle in my quitting ways.

Are you ready to take that break too?



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